Saving Session and Quicker Buy

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

Probably the most requested feature since we started has been the ability to save sessions. Well, it's finally here. You will have to create an account when you go to save, but that's pretty easy, we just want an e-mail and password. Then you can resume sessions from anywhere. When you are going, just hit the "Save As" button, then choose a name for your session. You can later click "Load" and choose the session and it will be loaded up. As you go, you can hit the "Save" button to save it where you are. Also, if you close the page with an open session, next time you come back, it will prompt you to either "Resume the Last Session" or "Start a New Session" Best of all here is no more confirm boxes when you leave the page. Please give us some feedback on how we implemented this one.

Second new feature is a quicker buy button. The "Save for Review" button on domains has been changed to a simple button. You can click directly on the "Buy" button next to the domain and get a drop down of places to buy. Just something to make buying a little quicker.

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