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Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

So today I launched I plan on building a lot more tools than just bustaname, and I decided that having a central place for it all would be good, so you can still go directly to now has a few of our first tools on it.

Whois The first bigger tool we are launching is the "whois". Not only does it display the domains whois info, it also shows you things like Alexa rank/chart, Compete rank, page rank, number of incoming links on google and yahoo, server type, geographical location of server, network provider... and we plan to keep adding stuff to this list. If anyone has something that they want on it, let me know.

E-mail Scrambler The e-mail scrambler lets you put your e-mail on your site without having to worry about it getting spammed. Give it a try.

We have a lot more tools planned, so again, be sure to check often.


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